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Pupil Premium

Pupil Premium is the extra funding from the government received by schools to raise the attainment of disadvantaged pupils and narrow the gap between them and their peers.

Pupils who are eligible for this extra funding include those who have been registered for free school meals in the last 6 years and pupils who have been in care for at least 6 months.

Additional funding is also provided to support children who have a parent or parents in the armed forces.

Our Pupil Premium is used to provide targeted support for groups and individual pupils and their families. The documents below provide a breakdown of how the money is being used.

Our Special Educational Needs and Disabilities Co ordinators, Mrs Michelle Tucker and Miss Suzanne Carrington, are responsible for monitoring how the funding is spent and the impact of this on pupils' attainment. 

Mrs Tracy London and Mrs Sharon Alderson are our named governors for Pupil Premium.

In the academic year 2015-2016 the amount of Pupil Premium received for each pupil deemed to be eligible under the free school meals criteria is £1320. Funding for Looked After Children is £1900 per pupil and this has now been extended to include children who have been adopted from care on or after 30th December 2005. If you have a child who has been adopted please make sure that you inform Mrs Lockett in the school office.

Pupil Premium funding for Looked After Children is held by the Virtual Head Teacher for Trafford, Lynsey Burridge. Lynsey is responsible for ensuring that all Looked After Children, (LAC),  are making good progress and the allocation of LAC pupils' Pupil Premium.

In the academic year 2014/ 2015 our Pupil Premium Funding was used to support children and their families in a variety of ways.

For example:-
 The funding helped to pay for our EQE Wilderness Therapy Project. This was an 8 week project where we took a group of pupil to Firs woods with a trained Outdoor Therapist to do some activities aimed at improving their emotional well being, resilience and social interaction. This project was extremely effective, having a positive impact on the different pupils we took in different ways. One pupil overcame his shyness and, during the weeks that followed, his class teacher noticed that he had really grown in confidence and started to share his ideas during group activities as well as answer questions during whole class sessions. By the third week another pupil who had previously found it difficult to engage with his peers and make friends in general had started to become involved in the team building tasks in the project and this then had a knock on affect on the way in which he started to then interact with his peers in the playground.

We used some of the funding to provide emotional support for individuals too through counselling sessions. These sessions were provided for children for a variety of reasons including bereavement therapy, the development of social interaction skills and anxiety issues. All of the pupils benefitted enormously by the work they did with our counsellor, Julie Drinkwater. One pupil in particular was able to access new activities that they had previously been too anxious to attempt. They appeared much more relaxed and happy both at school and at home.

Some of our Pupil Premium funding was used to provide additional staff to offer one to one support for children with special educational needs. In particular this was used for a pupil in the Nursery to help to support their speech and language development and ensure they were able to settle into school routines. By the end of the year this pupil was far less reliant on adult support to access the curriculum and their speech was much clearer so that they were able to be understood by others.

At Wellfield we oare fortunate to employ several experienced teaching assistants which enables us to offer a wide range of intervention groups to support children's teaching and learning. These staff are part funded by our Pupil Premium funding. The interventions cover a wide range of skills including phonics, speech and language, writing, fine motor skills and numeracy. These are tailored to individuals and groups and monitored by the school's Special Educational Needs Co ordinator. All of our intervention activities are evaluated and regularly reviewed in light of the targets set and children's progress towards them. The interventions in place during the academic year all had a positive impact on pupil progress and, for some pupils, they helped children to make rapid progress which resulted in their attainment being more in line with, or above, their age related expectations.

Some of the Pupil Premium funding is used to support needy families so that they are able to provide their children with everything they need to access a full education. This has included providing school uniform items, paying for school trips and after school activities and providing them with laptops so that they can access educational websites online and use these to support their homework.

To find out more about how our Pupil Premium funding has been spent please click on the documents below.

Documents - please click to open

pdf.gif: Pupil Premium breakdown 2014-2015

Pupil Premium breakdown 2014-2015

File size: 203KB (PDF File)

pdf.gif: Pupil Premium breakdown 2013-2014

Pupil Premium breakdown 2013-2014

This document gives a breakdown of what our pupil premium has been used for
File size: 187KB (PDF File)

pdf.gif: Pupil Premium breakdown 2012-2013

Pupil Premium breakdown 2012-2013

File size: 98KB (PDF File)

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