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Calculation workshops

Our Calculation workshops have been developed in line with our Calculation Policy which has been written in partnership with Wellfield Junior School and covers all year groups from Nursery to Year Six.

The Calculation workshops aim to demonstrate to parents and carers what the key objectives are for each year group in relation to the four operations of addition, subtraction, multiplication and division and how these are taught in school.

They offer lots of examples of how new concepts are presented to the children and what resources and images we use to help children to understand them. The workshops also go through how children might record their calculations as they move through the school - from children's exploration of early mathematical mark making in the Nursery and Reception classes to the introduction of the use of numbers and mathematical symbols alongside practical resources and pictures in Year One to more formal recording later.

Free resources are given out at each of our Calculation Workshops for you to use to support your child's mathematical development at home.