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 Autumn Term

Play and Stay sessions

Thank you to all of the parents that attended the sessions with their children. We all enjoyed having you in our Nursery and we hope you gained an insight into the different activities that your child participates in during their sessions. 

We had lots of fantastic responses from all those that did attend.

'I feel so privileged to have an insight into my child's experiences at nursery.'

'There are so many different activities for the children to enjoy.'

'It helps me talk about what happens in school at home.'

'I loved every minute of it.'

'Such a great place with fantastic staff.'

In the Spring and Summer term we will be holding some more of these sessions for you to attend if you wish too.





Marble treat reward

As a reward Mrs Harrison's class brought their bikes and scooters to school. We had a great time riding around the playground on them. All the children were fantastic and very confident on them displaying their developing physical skills.






We learnt about the Hindu festival of light. During our sessions we created rangoli patterns with the coloured sand and in the craft area we made diva lamps. We had lots of fun.





We spoke about a time long ago when men and women fought in two world wars so to keep us safe. We looked at some photos of Mrs Sullivan's uncle and Mrs Elsmere  brought in family medals. In both Nursery classes we made poppies by printing red hand patterns. We placed our poppies outside alongside others in the school and had two minutes silence to remember all those brave people. 


We learnt a rock and roll dance.    


We were then able to dance the afternoon away during our tea party to celebrate the centenary of the ending of World War One. 





Spooky Day

Both classes were taken over by witches, skeletons, ghosts and all kinds of different monsters and creatures on Spooky Day. The children took part in different activities such as a ghoulish fashion parade and monster dancing. We tapped nails into the pumpkin and scooped out and carved a frightful face. We put a light into the pumpkin and read scary stories. Room on the Broom by Julia Donaldson and What's in the witch's Kitchen by Nick Sharratt were favourites!





Rocket Mice

We had a fantastic day during our STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics)  day. We made a rocket mouse, chose a bottle and watched to see how high it would fly. The children asked lots of questions about what we found out and shared their ideas with each other about which sized bottle sent the mouse higher into the air and why they thought this happened. We all found out lots of amazing things during this exciting day.





We have had so much fun getting to know the new children who joined us in September. Making friends and becoming familiar with our environment have been our priorities. 


Outdoor fun-whatever the weather outdoors is the place we love to be




Water fun



Snack time- a time for us to chat and eat a healthy snack with our friends



Creating- cutting, gluing, drawing, painting and imagining!



Summer Term  Sports Day

Summer Term   Sports Day  1
Summer Term   Sports Day  2
Summer Term   Sports Day  3
Summer Term   Sports Day  4

Our Day Trip to Smithills Open Farm

We had a wonderful time at Smithills Open Farm in Bolton. We had a really busy day milking cows, riding the donkeys, feeding the baby goats and lambs as well as the donkeys and ducks. Walking around the farm and saw the meercats and alpacas as well. We had cuddles with baby chicks, guinea pigs and rabbits. Finally at the end of the day we had a ride on a tractor. It was hard work being a farmer for the day but it was great fun and we even managed to see a calf being born. 

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People Who Help Us
We have had an exciting couple of weeks learning about people who help us at home, at school and in our local community. We have also been helping our friends and adults at school.

Police Officers
Al and Kev came to visit us from the local police station. They came to talk about how police officers keep us safe. We asked lots of interesting questions and looked at their hand cuffs and radio. They then showed us their police car and we all had a sit inside, put the flashing lights on and turned on the siren. It was so exciting and we lots lots about how the police help us. Thank you Mrs Payne for asking your police officer friends to come to school to see us. 

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Charlie's Grandad used to be a firefighter. He came in to talk to us about what he used to do. He brought in his uniform to show us and we tried it on. The jacket was very heavy so to protect the firefighters whilst they were fighting fires. he also brought in some helmets. We enjoyed putting the visor down over our eyes to protect eyes from smoke.

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The Royal Wedding

We had a wonderful day celebrating the marriage of Prince Harry and Meghan. The children enjoyed playing games with the parachute, joining in with some rock and roll dancing which we had learnt earlier on in the week and a picnic. Then in the afternoon we had a street party. What good fun was had by all.      Congratulations!!                                                                                                              

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Play and Stay 

Thank you to everyone who attended the sessions we really enjoyed having the opportunity to show you what  "nothing " really is!
We had some amazing feedback
" Really enjoyable session, great to see all the children so happy and settled"
" There is so many different things for the children to do"
" Thank you for all of your hard work"
" The colour mixing table was a great idea"

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Yucky Worms 

We have been reading books about worms including the story 'Superworm' by Julia Donaldson and the book'Yucky Worms' by Vivian French. We have learnt many worms facts like worms are covered all over in slime(mucus) and worms have five hearts. 

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Reading all about worms inspired us to go and look for some outside so we talked about the best place to look for them dug them up, used trowels to dig them up, carefully looked at them and drew pictures of the worms. 

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Picture 4

We have set up a wormery in the class room.

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We have really enjoyed our mini topic all about worms 


Spring Term

Whatever the Weather...
We play out in all kinds of weather. Rain or shine we find lots of different things to do. One wet day Mrs Elsmere helped us sail boats in puddles. We used sticks to push the boats through the water. We had lots of fun!

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Making Bubbles


During our science week we tested out 2 different bubble mixtures and predicted which we thought would work best and why. We then made a wand from either a plate, 2 sticks and string or some wire. We then tested our mixtures and wands and talked about what worked best and why. It was good fun.

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Below are some of the things the children said.
'Mine was the best I blowed big bubbles'- James
'The blue one was the best'- Luke P
'The plate teared because it was paper and it got wet'- Barnie
'I liked the bubbles'- Vinny

Mothers Day

We made up our own poem about our lovely mummies.

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Our Favourite Books

Each week we have been bringing in our favourite books to show and read to our friends. We have enjoyed talking about the characters and where our stories take place.

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World Book Day

Thank you to all of you for providing your children with some fantastic costumes for world book day, they all looked amazing.
During the day we made bookmarks, caterpillar hats and shared some stories with our friends from the junior school. We all had a great day.

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Valentines Day

We read the book 'Guess how much I Love you by Sam McBratney and painted patterns on hearts. we discovered that by mixing red and white paint we made pink. We also threaded ribbons around red hearts.

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Fun in the snow

We were really lucky this week to be able to play out in the snow. For many of our children it was their first experience of 'real' snow and it was a privilege to be able to share this experience with them.
The children enjoyed making a snowman, digging in the snow and using the sledges that a very kind family left for us to use. We all had great fun!!

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Making Ice Cream

We have been reading 'Penguin Small' by Mick Inkpen. The story takes place in the North and South Poles. We discussed how cold these frozen regions are. We made icecream by freezing a mixture of condensed milk, vanilla essence and cream. We placed this mixture in the freezer to make...ice cream. Everyone agreed that it was yummy!

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