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Year 1

Remembering 100 Years


On Friday the 9th November we celebrated 100 Years since the end of World War One. We all came into school with our poppy accessories and we had lots of fun celebrating.We created our own poppies and we planted them in the field to represent fallen soldiers. This was a very special experience for our children.  We were also lucky enough to have a special visitor come into our class to talk about the work of the British Legion and to share with us some information about life the British Army.

 Below are some photos of that amazing day. 


STEM DAY 2018 


As part of our STEM ( Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) day the children  in Year 1 learnt about rockets and we made our own rocket mice. In Year 1 we were investigating the best material to make a rocket. We made and tested our designs. It was all great fun!


























Autumn 1 2018

Line drawing with pencil and ink, completed with watercolour.

This super artist has mixed up two different shades of purple to perfect her work.


Design Technology through construction. The children often build wonderful structures but can they design and build multiple stories and allow space for staircases? Let’s see...





We have had a great first few weeks in Year 1. The children have got used to their new classroom and the Year 1 team.  



In English we have enjoyed reading stories by Julia Donaldson. We read 'Paper Dolls' and in Art we created our own paper dolls to help us plan and  write our own paper doll adventures.

Here are some of our Year 1s enjoying Sharing a shell, by Julia Donaldson.



Roald Dahl Day 2018


Roald Dahl day was a great success. The children loved learning the interesting facts about the author and his gruesome writing den. They shared his stories with friends and they all enjoyed the delivery of the ' Wonka bar' 


Summer Term 1 2018

Our topic for this term has been 'Plants and Animals'. We started this topic with the 'Year One Great Hyacinth Race'.  The children were given hyacinth bulbs to take care of in groups. They had to water their plants daily and record the height of their plants for the race. The children were surprised when their hyacinths flowered in different colours at different rates.  Later on in the term, we also grew water cress in different conditions and we planted seed potatoes. The children discovered that plants cannot grow without water. 

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
As well as learning about plants we also learned about animals. The children enjoyed learning about the life cycle of a frog. In Computing the children enjoyed creating flow charts and news reports about the life cycle of a frog.  Year One also looked at animal classification. They discovered that there are 6 main groups that animals can be sorted into and these are; Mammals, Reptiles, Fish, Amphibians, Birds and Insects.  The children designed and wrote their own information booklets about the different animal groups.
Picture 1

Royal Wedding Celebrations

 At WINS we celebrated the Royal Wedding in style. In class we enjoyed learning about past Royal weddings and about members of the royal family. We also had a dress making area and the children helped to add embellishments and detail to the dress to make it perfect for Miss Markle. The whole school took a 'rock and roll dance class' to learn how to party in style. They children were amazing dancers and they danced all week.  On the Friday, we had a whole street party. We started the day with an amazing assembly by Mrs Fairclough. In the afternoon we had a street party for the whole school in the playground. At the party, we had crisps, drinks and ice-cream. The party was full of smiles and dancing. 

Picture 1
Spring Term 2 2018


During the first week back we have been learning all about Chinese New Year. In Year 1 we have been learning about the story of Chinese New Year and the ways in which Chinese New Year is celebrated. We enjoyed creating our own Chinese New Year wishing tree filled with wishes of good health, luck and happiness. 
Picture 1
In our Art lessons we designed and created our own Chinese paper dragons and we used them to create a class dragon dance. 
Picture 1
We have also explored the Mandarin symbols for the numbers 1-10. Some children tried to create the symbols in our construction area. Have a look!
Picture 1
Picture 2

Spring Term 1 2018


Our topic for this half term has been "Ourselves".
The children have really enjoyed learning about how our bodies work and how we can take care of them.
We know that we have 5 senses and which parts of our body we use for each sense. We have learned about our food's journey through our digestive system and also how our skeleton is essential for us to stand and walk around. We have been using some very tricky scientific words and the children have done a very job job remembering them!
The dental nurse came to visit and was very impressed with how much the children already knew about looking after their teeth. Jack's mummy also visited and told us all about her job as a physiotherapist.
Nest week we are looking forward to a visit from Sam's mummy and their new baby as the children will be looking at how we change as we grow up.