Wellfield Infant and Nursery School

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Who's Who

All our staff are professional, caring, friendly and approachable. Here is a list of them all.




Miss Cathy Graham


Deputy Headteacher/Key Stage One Co Ordinator 
Mrs Rose Fairclough    



Special Educational Needs and Disabilities Co Ordinator, (SENDCo)
 Mrs Michelle Tucker

Early Years Foundation Stage Co Ordinator 
Mrs Kate Douglas 


Assistant SENDCo (Early Years Foundation Stage)

Mrs Ange De Fouw


(Office)  School Business Manager 

Mrs Laura Julian


Site Manager
Mr Ian Schora


School Staff team Autumn 2023


Office           Mrs L Julian - school business manager
                    Mrs Gilliver - admin assistant

                    P Dixon - finance

Nursery        Mrs Harrison - class teacher
                    Mrs De Fouw - higher level teaching assistant/ Assistant SENDCo
                    Mrs Butt - teaching assistant

                    Mrs Farrow - teaching assistant
Reception     Mrs Douglas - class teacher/ EYFS Lead

                    Miss Ward - class teacher
                    Mrs Scanlon - class teacher

                    Mrs Robertson - teaching assistant

                    Mrs Burt - teaching assistant
                    Miss Taylor - teaching assistant    (pm)  
The SSC       Mrs Tucker - class teacher 
                    Mrs Robinson - class teacher
                    Miss Marsh - teaching assistant
                    Mrs Bithell - teaching assistant

                    Mrs Whelan - teaching assistant
Year 1          Mrs Sullivan - class teacher 
                    Mrs Ahmed - class teacher

                    Miss Jones - teaching assistant

                    Ms Nevola - teaching assistant (pm)



Year 2          Mr Hughes - class teacher

                    Mrs Quinn - class teacher
                    Mrs Hanley - class teacher
                    Miss Evans - higher level teaching assistant

                    Miss Taylor - teaching assistant (am)

                    Mrs Alderson - teaching assistant



Wishing Well Out Of School Club Team



Out of School Club Manager

Nicola Young


Out of School Deputy Managers 

                                                               Meena Gorania              Angela Nevola



Club Admin Assistant

Lara Hardman



Senior Play Leaders

Maxine Littler                                 Jay Sivakumar



Play Leaders

Joan Staff                    Sharon Alderson               Stella Dawson           Cindy Kwan 





Financial Salary Declaration

Schools are required to publish on their websites salary information if staff have a salary of above £100,000, in order to improve financial transparency.

At Wellfield Infant and Nursery School there are no staff with a salary of above £100,000.


The link to the schools financial benchmarking service on the government website can be found here:-