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Year 1

Autumn Term- September 2021

The children have settled very well in their new class room with great areas to explore. They have been very busy completing challenges and activities based around the topic, Houses and Homes. Although the highlight over the first couple of days was eating their dinners in the school hall, at last!





    Careful building ensuring the bricks are stable. 

                                           Challenges outside- word building






Macmillan Coffee Morning

The children brought a contribution in and delicious cakes were shared to raise money for people living with Cancer. Thank you parents for helping support this worthy cause.



Sports Day and end of the year fun!


Year 1 are absolutely thrilled to be coached for the Summer Term by professional basketball player, Pharroh Gordon.

What a lot of talent there is in Year 1... keep it up everyone!

Re-telling stories.

Our Year 1s are always recreating worlds and telling stories in the areas. This time we tried recreating 'Where the Wild Things are', with just a few small props.

Consolidating and exploring 3D shape through play.

Which key unlocks the magic to the castle???

Art and Science - cross curricular work exploring wild plants and Plaster of Paris work.

The children have began to identify and name common wild plants and flowers, and enjoy finding them in the hedgerows of the field and in forest school. 

We rolled out air drying clay to line a plastic container. We then gathered plants and flowers and set out a composition in the clay. The plants were gently pressed into the clay and then carefully peeled out. We then mixed up Plaster of Paris and explored the changes of state and observed the exothermic reaction - fun!

The children loved watching the big reveal as we peeled the clay away from the dry casts and washed off the surface of the finished piece.

Leave your print This year has left the children with a shortened time in school. They’ve had less time in this classroom, less time with the staff and less time to be a Wellfield Year 1. We want them to know that they have still made their mark. We have all developed relationships, learnt and grown together. In this collaborative piece, pupils were invited to physically make their mark. Each child has selected a small item that is special to them. Artists chose a pencil, architects chose a lego brick. Within the clay, you will also see a finger imprint belonging to each child and teacher. Everyone was excited by the process, sharing and turn taking; and developed an understanding of what this can represent for us all collectively.

Artists at work.

Spring Term

During January and February, the children at home and in school have been eager to learn all about the body. We've used our senses, learnt how our bodies digest food and also learnt the names of organs!

The children really enjoyed their virtual visit from the author Sarah Parkinson. They all had a go at drawing their own illustrations and produced some fabulous snowmen!

We love yoga!

Clay work

                                   Autumn Term 

We've enjoyed exploring our new classroom (inside and out) and being with all of our friends again! 

We started the term with the Oliver Jeffer's story "Here We Are". In these exceptional times, we're making sure that we take care of each other and remember to be kind. 

Seesaw Journals- Please connect

Sports Relief 2020

Have at look at at our Year One athletes attempting our assault course to raise money for this years sports relief. What amazing athletes!

Science Week 2020

For Science week we were thinking about ‘Our Diverse World’. In Year One we were thinking about diverse people and how we can adapt playground games to make them accessible to everyone, even if they don’t have all 5 of their senses. We adapted playground games for people who were blind or partially sighted. The children were great at thinking of their own adaptations. We also had. Go at drawing each other’s bodies and looking carefully at our similarities and differences. Have a look at us in action!

World Book Day 2020


We had such a great week this week to celebrate world book day. We had a visit from the illustrator Penny Neville-Lee and she taught us how to draw some of the illustrations from her stories and inspired us to draw.  We also had a visit from the author Sarah Parkinson who shared of her stories with us and she inspired us to write and illustrate our own stories. What’s more we dressed up on Friday as our favourite story characters and shared our favourite stories! Some children were lucky enough to be drawn out of the raffle and have a special story time with our therapy dog visitor. Year One had such fun and the children a amazing author illustrators. 

Our Museum Shelf

As part of our ‘ In the Old loft’ topic we have created a museum shelf to allow children to understand the different ways in which we learn about the past and to allow them to handle artefacts. We have been amazed by the wonderful and precious items the children have brought in and how they have been able to share interesting information about them! Have a look at the artefacts we have on our shelf.

Physiotherapist Visitor 

A Year One parent came into school to tell us all about the important job of a physiotherapist. We were able to look closely at the equipment used by a physiotherapist and we learnt about their uses. We enjoyed playing with the equipment. Have a look at the fun we had!



Body Experts

The children have really enjoyed learning about the human body and the senses. They have wanted to learn all about the different body systems so we have ran with their enthusiasm and looked more closely into the human body. We had team competitions where the children had to draw around a friend in their class and draw the body parts and systems they had been learning about. There work was pretty impressive and they were so knowledgable about the body. Have a look at the fun they had!

Chinese New Year Shadow Puppets 

As part of our learning about Chinese New Year, Miss Graham came into Year One to teach us how to make shadow puppets. We explored how shadows puppets are part of the Chinese tradition and looked at a variety of shadow puppets. We then designed and made our own shadow puppets to help retell the Chinese New Year ‘ Great Race’ story. 

Guide Dog Visit

We were very lucky to have a visit from Brailley the guide dog and his trainer. As part of our ‘Ourselves’ topic we have been learning about the senses and we learned about the lives of Louis Braille who was blind and Helen Keller who was blind and deaf. The children were keen to find out about how guide dogs help people today who are blind and deaf. When Brailley came into school, we were keen to get the answers to all our questions. The children learned about the life of the guide dog and how they are trained. Have a look at the photos from our special visit. 

Amazing Art Work

The children have been doing lots of self portraits and drawing detailed drawings of their eyes as part of their ‘Oursleves’ topic. Have a look at their amazing textured portraits!


Christmas in Year 1

The children have enjoyed designing and making their own Diva lamps or Christmas candles. They moulded candle pots from clay and moulded the candles from wax. 

We then wrapped them and finished them with a gift tag.

We also created our own baubles and Christmas cards. Have a look at our creations!



Christmas Party Day

We had a great day on our party day. We had and entertainer and a visit from Father Christmas. We played party games in the hall and a Christmas feast in our classroom! What a super day we had!

Learning through

play and settling in in Autumn term

Yan Tan Tethera

Here are some photos of our fabulous workshop with Professor Jiggit from Yan Tan Tethera. This artist had our children mesmerised. Their imaginations were racing.

The Professor told his stories of dragon hunting; showed them his collection of eggs; educated them on dragons; and then they matched the eggs to the correct dragons. He finished with an interactive story telling featuring the Cockertrice, played by one of our Year 1s!







Maths work in Autumn 1.

Here is a little peep at Year 1s using a range of equipment to explore ‘less than’ and ‘greater than’. We have also been using numicon to work on our number bonds to 10 and 20. Finally, everyone is doing a super job of reinforcing images in our heads of numberlines. We can use them to solve simple addition by drawing and counting jumps.


Autumn 1 2019


Amazing Art Work

This term our topic is 'Building and Homes'.  In Art we have been  drawing buildings in the same style as the artist Matthew Gibson using simple line drawings- I'm sure you'll agree this technique is so effective! After developing these skills we then drew our own dream homes and used different watercolour  techniques to add colour.  The children have really enjoyed developing their watercolour techniques in our Year 1 'Artist Area' too.

Take a look at our super art work below!


Look at the fabulous range of colours made here. Some children only had primary colours but still managed to work with water, colour mixing and clever use of white to make some wonderful new colours.

All the children have learnt how to use water colour brushes with care, and know how to use water create the desired results.


African Drumming and Dancing 


As part of our Artsmark the children in Year 1 had the opportunity to learn to play African drums or learn an African dance during our workshops this week. The children even took part in performances to the rest of the school in the afternoon. It was an amazing day enjoyed by all!


Still image for this video


Still image for this video

2018-2019 Adventures And Experiences In Year 1!

What Fun We Had!


Dunham Massey Trip 

Year One had a great trip today at Dunham Massey. We enjoyed pond dipping and identifying wildlife all around the grounds.We also explored the  recreation of the WW1 hospital in the grounds of Dunham’s house .Have a look at fun we had!


Fruit Salad Designers

This week we have been designing fruits salads following a set design brief. We had to design fruit salads for people with allergies or fruit salads that would give us a boost of energy. We learned how to prepare and cut the fruit. We had great fun eating and evaluating our fruity designs. 



Ashton on Mersey Sports Festival 

Year one really enjoyed the multi-sports session with the high school students. They were great team players! Have a look at the fun we had!


As the summer begins, here’s a quick glance back at some of our super maths work already completed this year.

Felt Making


Take a look at our recent cross curricular art project. We learnt about the seasons through the changes of one tree across one year. The children loved watching time lapse videos, and observing our current season in our school grounds.

Each child chose one season to replicate as a tree by layering up tissue paper and coating with pva (always a pleasure). They considered the skies and weather too; and thus the colours.

We were then ready to rock and roll, quite literally, and take on a new challenge and new skill. 

The results of teasing, layering, rolling etc are simply stunning.

The children will be bringing home their work at the end of the year.

It will look wonderful on your wall in a square, deep box frame (Ikea, Wilko’s).





This Summer Term the children will take part in Yoga sessions each Friday afternoon. This week was our first session- the children really enjoyed it!

Easter assembly 

We celebrated the winners of an Easter card designing competition for R.E Jones of Sale. There were so many lovely designs. One of our Year 2 children was the lucky winnner!

In assembly we thought about the many symbols of Easter and all the ways we celebrate Easter. We sang songs and talked about Easter Story! We even had an Easter egg raffle with Easter eggs donated from the PTA!

Ashton Village In Bloom

As part of ‘Ashton Village In Bloom’ Year 1 have designed and decorated a planter that will go on display outside in the village this Spring. Isn’t it amazing!

Painting, printing, threading and wire work we’re all used in this project. The children used a range of skills to pierce, thread and tie on to wire. They also coiled around different sized cylinders, including pencils, to give new shape to the wire which then could be adapted by pushing, pulling and squeezing.


Pirate Ship Making- Stay and Play Day


Year One had a great time constructing their pirates ships with the help of their grown ups. All of the ships were amazing, so full  of creativity and excellent designs. What fun we had!