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Year 1

Coronation Week Celebrations

We have been having an amazing time in Year One leading up to the coronation of King Charles. We have had coronation themed activities in our continuous provision, we have a celebratory assembly and we even had a street party to celebrate. Have a look at the fun we had!

Being an illustrator


We have been very lucky in Year One to have a visit from the author and illustrator Sarah Parkinson. She spoke to the children about being an author and illustrator. She showed the children how to draw a fabulous coronation cake for King Charles. It was an amazing experience!


Year One had a fun filled morning learning how to juggle, walk on stilts and spin plates. 






Science Week 2023 - Being a radiographer

We have been really lucky to have a parent come into school to talk about her job as a radiographer. We were amazed by all the fantastic equipment radiographers use and the important job they do to look after people. I think we have inspired some radiographers of the future!

Science Week 2023- Making Paper Bridges

As part of Science Week we investigated how to make strong bridges using 5 sheets of paper, masking tape and wooden blocks. We first learnt about the skills used in  real life construction to  make strong bridges. We  then applied this to our paper bridge making investigation.  We tested the strength of our bridges using weights. Have at look at our science work in action!

Science Week 2023- Scientist Visitor

We we’re very lucky to have a Mum come into school to show us some fantastic science experiments. Changing the state of materials. We loved all the FIZZ POP BANGS!

World Book Day 2023

Have a look at the fun we had during our World Book Day in Year One!

We enjoyed sharing books with children in the Juniors.

Fabulous Fun at Forest School

Spring in nearly here and Year One have been busy outside. We began by whittling sticks. We enjoyed making sharp sticks using vegetable peelers, remembering to scrape the sticks away from us. 


We’ve been busy planting seeds to grow into spring onions that we can eat….yum, yum! 

With the cold weather we know our feathered friends, the birds are very hungry so we’ve been making bird feeders and filling them to the top with delicious seeds. Well enjoy watching the birds eat their delicious snacks. 

Painting with Scissors

Inspired by the collages created by the French artist Henri Matisse we applied some of his techniques to our own pictures. 








Lunar New Year- January 2023

We were lucky to have a parent come in and talk about how this festival is celebrated. 




Our visit to St Martin’s Church

Just before Christmas Year One visited the local church in Ashton Village where Rev Catherine told us about the Christmas story. We were also able to look at all the different Christmas trees decorated by local community groups including our school. We were able to read all the wishes we had written for the New Year. 




KS1 Christmas Show

Forest School Adventures

During the Autumn term we have been in our Forest school using all available natural resources to make Andy Goldsworthy inspired pictures. The Autumn colours were beautiful and we’re thrilled with our creations.



Spooky day 2022

We have had a brilliant time during spooky day. We explored the spooky activities in our classroom and we played some spooky games in the hall. Have a look what we have been up to.



Settling into Year One in Autumn 1 2022


We have been having a fabulous time settling into our Year One Classroom. The children have enjoyed getting busy in our continuous provision. Have a look what we have been up to.

Building workshop 

We were very lucky to have one of our parents come in to tell us all about his job as a builder. He inspired the children by showing them how to build a brick wall, how to cut wood for a roof and how to mix cement. We even made a pebble mural. Thank you Mr Conway!

Matt Goodfellow Visit

On Tuesday we were visited by poet Matt Goodfellow, who read from his collection of poems in a fun assembly! He then helped us write some poetry of our own by encouraging us to write in our own voices and about our own lives.

Manchester Airport Trip

As part of our  ‘Flight’ topic we went on a visit to the Runway Visitor Park. We learned about all of the different jobs that people have at the airport and tried on all the different uniforms. We went on a tour around different aircrafts and we even sat in the flight decks. We were so lucky to get to see concord and learn all the interesting facts about the amazing aircraft. What an amazing day! 

Flo's Allotment


As part of their Science work on plants and growth our Year One children had a visit from Mrs Whilby today. Mrs Whilby is Miss Graham's daughter's "Grandma Flo" and Flo showed the children photos of her allotment and talked to them about the things that she grows there. Flo brought a variety of seeds in for the children to plant - including beetroot and cucumber seeds and some beans. Once they have germinated we will be transferring some of these into our allotment. The children also have some to take home to grow too.







Platinum Jubilee Celebrations

We had a wonderful day today to celebrate the Jubilee. We had an assembly and we sang our song to the Queen, we danced and we ate cake on the field!

Our classrooms were decorated and we came dressed to impress! 

Queen’s Jubilee drama workshop 


We had a great morning acting out the jubilee celebrations in our drama workshop. We pretended that we were invited to the palace and that we ate all the party food. It was lots of fun!

Firefighter visit

We had a visit from one of our parents and their team members in school this week. They showed us around a fire engine and talked about the role of a firefighter. They also spoke to us about fire safety too! It was an amazing experience for the children. 


We had a wonderful last day of term celebrating Easter. We sang our hearts out in assembly, we took part in an Easter egg raffle and we ended the day with an Easter egg hunt. 

World Book Day 2022

What an amazing day Year One had dressed up as their favourite book characters. We had an author and illustrator come in to visit us. She told us her story, then we had a drawing workshop in which we learnt how to draw one of her characters. In the afternoon Year Four visited us from the Juniors and they read us stories to bring our amazing World Book Day to an end. 









Lunar New Year Celebrations in Year One 

We have really enjoyed learning all about how Lunar New Year is celebrated. 

The children enjoyed created their own decorations in the craft. 

Christmas celebrations in Year One

We have been busy in our classroom getting in the Christmas Spirit 

Spooky day 2021

We had an amazing time on spooky day. In class we completed spooky activities and in the afternoon we had a spooky party on the hall! We all had a great day!

Autumn Term- September 2021

The children have settled very well in their new class room with great areas to explore. They have been very busy completing challenges and activities based around the topic, Houses and Homes. Although the highlight over the first couple of days was eating their dinners in the school hall, at last!





    Careful building ensuring the bricks are stable. 

                                           Challenges outside- word building






Macmillan Coffee Morning

The children brought a contribution in and delicious cakes were shared to raise money for people living with Cancer. Thank you parents for helping support this worthy cause.



Sports Day and end of the year fun!


Year 1 are absolutely thrilled to be coached for the Summer Term by professional basketball player, Pharroh Gordon.

What a lot of talent there is in Year 1... keep it up everyone!

Re-telling stories.

Our Year 1s are always recreating worlds and telling stories in the areas. This time we tried recreating 'Where the Wild Things are', with just a few small props.

Art and Science - cross curricular work exploring wild plants and Plaster of Paris work.

The children have began to identify and name common wild plants and flowers, and enjoy finding them in the hedgerows of the field and in forest school. 

We rolled out air drying clay to line a plastic container. We then gathered plants and flowers and set out a composition in the clay. The plants were gently pressed into the clay and then carefully peeled out. We then mixed up Plaster of Paris and explored the changes of state and observed the exothermic reaction - fun!

The children loved watching the big reveal as we peeled the clay away from the dry casts and washed off the surface of the finished piece.

Artists at work.

Spring Term

During January and February, the children at home and in school have been eager to learn all about the body. We've used our senses, learnt how our bodies digest food and also learnt the names of organs!

The children really enjoyed their virtual visit from the author Sarah Parkinson. They all had a go at drawing their own illustrations and produced some fabulous snowmen!

We love yoga!

Clay work

                                   Autumn Term 

We've enjoyed exploring our new classroom (inside and out) and being with all of our friends again! 

We started the term with the Oliver Jeffer's story "Here We Are". In these exceptional times, we're making sure that we take care of each other and remember to be kind. 

Seesaw Journals- Please connect

Sports Relief 2020

Have at look at at our Year One athletes attempting our assault course to raise money for this years sports relief. What amazing athletes!

Science Week 2020

For Science week we were thinking about ‘Our Diverse World’. In Year One we were thinking about diverse people and how we can adapt playground games to make them accessible to everyone, even if they don’t have all 5 of their senses. We adapted playground games for people who were blind or partially sighted. The children were great at thinking of their own adaptations. We also had. Go at drawing each other’s bodies and looking carefully at our similarities and differences. Have a look at us in action!

World Book Day 2020


We had such a great week this week to celebrate world book day. We had a visit from the illustrator Penny Neville-Lee and she taught us how to draw some of the illustrations from her stories and inspired us to draw.  We also had a visit from the author Sarah Parkinson who shared of her stories with us and she inspired us to write and illustrate our own stories. What’s more we dressed up on Friday as our favourite story characters and shared our favourite stories! Some children were lucky enough to be drawn out of the raffle and have a special story time with our therapy dog visitor. Year One had such fun and the children a amazing author illustrators.