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Seesaw journals - Please access

Seesaw journals - Please access 1

Sports Relief

On Friday we came dressed in our sporty clothes raising money for  'Sports Relief'. We had so much fun balancing, running, skipping, galloping and jumping along an obstacle course. We talked about keeping fit and healthy and how our bodies feel after we have exercised. 







Science Week

In nursery this week we have been very busy and been involved in lots of different investigations. On Monday we lots of objects around our classroom to find found out about which objects were magnetic using our magnetic wands. On Tuesday we explored lots of different objects that either floated or sank. We shared and tested out our ideas about why we thought this happened. On Wednesday we carried out the skittle experiment watching the colours separate as we poured water over the skittles. At the end of the week we made our own humpty dumpty with polystyrene eggs. We added different parts to them to see if we could get them to balance on the wall. We have all been tryosaurs, thinkosaurs and explorosaurs this week in nursery.













World Book Day

On this day all the nursery children came dressed in their favourite costumes. Together in small groups we became authors as we wrote our own stories using different props. We then became an illustrator as we drew our own pictures on our books. At the end of the day we shared our stories with our friends.




Stay and Play

What a treat it was having our parents and carers join us in Nursery. We loved showing them all the different activities and games we play. 













Drago- The lizard

Drago came to visit us. We were told that he was a little different to our other pet visitors as he has cold blood and is a reptile, a lizard. He is a bearded dragon lizard. He  We enjoyed feeling his rough skin and his prickles. He loved being stroked and tickled and was very well behaved.






Pancake Day

The children enjoyed tasting the different toppings on our pancakes on Shrove Tuesday. They voted for their favourite topping using the voting station. In Mrs Harrison's class jam was the most popular choice.                                                 

Marble Treat

Both classes enjoyed their marble treat of a disco and bubble machine. They had great fun showing their friends their dance moves. Well done to everyone for achieving their treat.


Woodwork in Nursery

The woodwork table has been dusted off and we have been learning how to stay safe when making things out of wood. The googles have come out and we have been banging nails into wood using hammers. We now know how to stand and hold the hammer and nails carefully. We will now be thinking about what we can make out of wood. 





Batman and Elsa visit the children in Nursery

On Wednesday Batman and Elsa came to meet the children in Nursery. We found out lots about guinea pigs from the visit. The children fed the guinea pigs some spinach and cucumber which kept them nice and still whilst we stroked them and brushed their fur. Thanks for visiting us Batman and Elsa.






Rufus comes to play 

We had another dog come to visit us- Rufus. We asked Rufus's owner lots of questions about looking after him and we discovered that Rufus likes carrots to eat! 






Meeting Wilf

We have been learning all about our pets and one of our children and her Mum brought in Wilf an old English sheep dog to visit. We talked about how Wilf needed long walks, food and water. Some of us wanted to stroke Wilf and we learnt how to do this stroking him from head to tail. We loved having Wilf to visit. Come back soon Wilf! 





Chinese New Year- January 2020

Both classes have been learning about how families get ready to celebrate by tidying the house and putting up decorations. They have enjoyed painting dragons.  Outside we have been painting patterns on large sheets to make costumes for a grand lion and dragon dance. 





Winter 2019


Nursery Sing- a-long- Nursery Rhyme Nativity

We were so proud the Nursery as they performed in the the Nursery rhyme Nativity. The children looked amazing and sang and performed  beautifully.








Wheelie Day

Mrs Sullivan's class have done lots of kind and helpful things earning ten marbles in their jar. As a treat the children brought bikes or scooters in to school to whiz around the large playground. 






Image result for leafAutumn 2019

Outside Fun

We have an amazing space outside in which we can make dens to hide from the bears, a hill we just can't resist rolling down and trees to climb...all activities to build up our physical strength, confidence and a chance to talk and laugh with our friends!






Spooky Day

Thank you to all of the parents, the children looked amazing in their outfits on Spooky Day. We had an enjoyable day taking part in lots of spooky activities.















Nursery KH Marble Treat

Mrs Harrison's class had a fantastic time riding around the playground on their bikes and scooters showing off their physical skills. We were very impressed with how confident they were. The children were very kind towards each other and shared their bikes and scooters with their friends.











Music sessions in Nursery

Over the next few weeks the children will be joining in with some fun music sessions with one of our parents. During these sessions the children will engage in exploring and playing lots of different instruments in time to the beat of a mixture of songs and nursery rhymes. These sessions will support the children's development in all the areas of the Early Years Foundation Stage curriculum. 



Autumn Walks

The children have enjoyed exploring the school grounds looking for and talking about the different signs of Autumn. We collected lots of things that we are now going to use to create our latest masterpieces.




Sponsored Walk

With our friends from the Reception classes we walked around the large school field. The PTA are raising money so our quiet garden can be redeveloped. We all did warm up exercises in the Nursery and then walked around the outside of the field with our friends. The sun was shining and it was a beautiful autumnal day. 



Macmillan Coffee Morning 

On Friday 27th September we took part in a coffee morning raising money for

the Macmillan cancer charity. Some of us helped our grown ups to make cakes and we all bought cakes with the money going to a very worthy cause.      






Whatever the weather...

Come rain or shine we love learning through play outdoors. Balancing and climbing developing our gross motor skills, Using our imagination and communication skills setting up a builders gang or just being a pilot of  a plane jet setting off to Majorca. 



September- Our first days 

The Nursery has been a hive of activity. We have been busy exploring our new environment both indoors and out, singing songs, listening to stories and making lots of new friends.






The Dot       Dot Day

We all went a bit dotty on Monday celebrating International Dot day. To begin with we read the story The Dot by Peter Reynolds and together made our mark on a large dot. Then we used our creative talents to decorate dot biscuits, paint dots and turn dots into kites and necklaces. 










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