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Spooky Day

The children all enjoyed joining in with our spooky day activites. We made magic wands, played in the slime, carved out a pumpkin, coloured in spooky pictures and played spooky games. We loved playing musical batues!!











September 2021

The children have had lots of fun making new friends and exploring all of the areas in our Nursery over the last week. They have all settled into the routine well and are having a fantstic time. We are very proud of all of  them. 







Autumn 2021

Hello everybody welcome to our Nursery. We are really looking forward to meeting you all next week.

We have been very busy getting the nursery ready for you to play in. Here are a few photographs of the different areas you can play in. I wonder where you would like to play first? 





















The children love being outdoors, so we been spending as much time as we can outdoors having fun in the sun.


Our Teddy Bear's Picnic

The teddies, rabbits, Mario and Sonic visited Nursery and we all had a picnic in the shade in our woods. We then played some teddy bear games. In the afternoon the teddies had a little nap while we ate teddy bear biscuits that we made. 










Our Activity Morning and Afternoon

With the sun out, we had lots of fun running with speed in and out of the cones, balanced and travelling over a tricky obstacle course and there were no breakages of eggs as we carried the eggs around a cone. We had a splendid medal ceremony and finished with a refreshing ice lolly. The children were great sports and loved cheering and encouraging their friends. 

Our Warm up



The Races

























The Medal ceremony and ice lolly treat

We ended our activity day with a medal ceremony and ice lolly treat which we all deserved after our fantastic efforts. 











Bring a plant to school day 

We were overwhelmed with all the wonderful contributions we received when we asked for plants. Strawberry and tomato plants as well as an assortment of marigolds, petunias and geraniums. We learnt all about the roots, stem. leaves and flowers and we handled the plants very carefully when we planted them. Now we are regularly watering them and awaiting for some strawberries and tomatoes. With a little sun and rain we are   admiring the colours of the flowers. 




Incy Wincy Spider

One of our favourite nursery rhymes is Incy Wincy Spider. We felt sorry for him, getting washed down the spout by the rain. So, we explored which sticky material kept him stuck to the spout. The glue spots worked the best. (No real life spiders were used in this investigation- only plastic ones!)  






Snail Racing

We found a snail in the woods and called him Stanley. Then we went on a hunt for more snails, so we could have a snail race. The children were very interested in the way the snails moved and were amazed at how the smaller snails were more speedy. When we finished the race we put the snails back where we had found them. 





The day the Police came to Nursery

With lots of us taking on the role of police officers looking after everybody, we decided to invite the police to come and talk to us about their job. We learnt all about how the police officers keep us safe, what clothing they wear and the equipment they carry. Finally we had a good look at a police car.



Indoor Fun

'NOT BY THE HAIR ON MY CHINNY CHIN CHIN...I WILL NOT LET YOU IN! We have been reading the traditional tale- The Three little Pigs. We painted pigs and made pig puppets. We also used the Wolf hairdryer to see what can be blown away. We found out that light tings moves with a wolf huff and puff but heavy things did not get blown down. 



The three little pig- builders 

We put on our safety goggles to create and make using wood and hammers.  Boats, trains, Elsas and racing cars are some of our creations. 



Transient Art

This area has a builders theme with nuts and bolts in there. We've made some lovely pictures.



In our Craft Area

We have a range of tools and materials to use and we love making all kinds of things such as belts, necklaces and masks to name just a few.






Easter Egg Eggstavaganza!

We have had a week filled with eggy activities... egg painting, making easter egg nest cake- YUM! and an Easter egg hunt in Charlie's garden. The week ended with a party and a surprise visit from the Easter bunny delivering lots of delicious Easter eggs!!
















Outside Fun

With longer warmer days the Nursery children have been spending every possible moment outside learning through play.






We have been learning about life in the sea and how plastic pollution has been endangering this precious life. We reused plastic bags to make kites and had a lot of fun flying them on a windy March day. 



We have also been exploring the 'Forest school' area learning how to balance by walking along tree trunks and collecting natural objects to decorate Easter eggs such as dandelion flowers. 





World Book Day- 

Beware of the tigers and a very special author who came to Nursery...


There were tigers who came to tea, Old MacDonald, Spiderman, Elsa, the Smartest giant in town, Bottomly Potts all covered in spots, princesses, Superman, rabbits, Stick man, Alice in wonderland, pirates, bears, witches, Peter Pan and Morgana to name a few who came in to Nursery for World Book day.






 We had a fun filled day of reading books, making books and book marks, making book hats and finding different book characters outside. At the end of the day we met an author Trish Cooke who wrote lots of books including a Nursery favourite .... SO MUCH! She told us the story and we joined in. We really did have a splendid day. 




Our book hats 



Spring Fun

We have had a busy start to the term. Six new nursery friends have joined us this term and  some of us have been learning at home. Everyone has been thinking about the birds  during these very cold weeks and we have made some tasty treats for our feathered friends. We have also been reading some traditional tales-The Billy Goats Gruff and The Little Red Hen. The children had lots of fun making bread and building bridges.


Our New friends

Our new friends have been exploring their new surroundings and keeping in touch joining in with our online home learning sessions.  





 Home Learning

Our parents have been fantastic helping us continue our learning journey at home.



Making Bread 

After reading the Little Red Hen we had a go at making bread at school and at home! 


Tweety Treat Fun

The local birds were given lots tasty treats made at home and at school. 



Outside Fun

Muddy walks at home and sledge fun at school even though the weather has been very cold we've had lots of fun exploring outside. 






Wheelie Day

For our marble jar treat we were able to bring our bikes or scooters to school. Thanks to the Reception classes, we borrowed their playground which gave us plenty of space to show our wheels to our friends. 











Nursery Santa Dash

On Friday we dodged the showers, dressed in our Christmas hats and ran around the large field behind the school. We sang Christmas songs and jumped over puddles and had a fabulous time. Many thanks for all your kind donations to 'Save the Children fund'. 










Wonderful Winter Hunt

This week we went on a walk to the forest school area. We were looking for signs of winter. We used all our senses. We heard birds chattering including a neighbour's cockerel and spotted a large nest in the trees. We saw seagulls on the football field and spotted they had orange beaks. We looked closely at the buds on the trees and saw fungus and moss growing on the tree trunks. We talked about the prickly holly. Finally we had lots of fun swinging in the hammock, playing in the pirate ship and mud kitchen and balancing on the wooden logs. It was definitely cold- a fabulous winter wonderland walk!











Children In Need

We all dressed up in something bright or spotty and joined in with the Joe Wicks 24 hour PE challenge for children. Our adults were very impressed with how fit we are and lots of money was raised for a good cause.




Diwali celebrations took place in Nursery. We lit divas and shared sweets which  one of our Nursery friends brought in. Then drew Rangoli patterns in chalk outside and also drew mendhi patterns on paper cutout hands.






Yucky Worms

This week we have been learning all about worms. We have been worm hunters searching everywhere for worms. We handled the worms then brought them inside to look at them closely using bug viewers. We noticed that worms did not have any eyes. Although we all agreed they felt tickerly and sticky we understood the important job they do to help plants grow. 







Remembrance Day  

The children painted poppies to remember the brave people who fought in wars all over the world.          











Spooky Day Spectacular

We had a spooktacular day before half term. Dressed in costumes that gave all our teachers a fright, we enjoyed a day of activities and games. We scooped out pumpkins, decorated spider biscuits, did some spooky dancing, stirred some magic potions and served up some ghoulish treats to the babies. 







Autumn Jelly

We had so much fun exploring a jelly with autumnal treasures in. With spoons at the ready we enjoyed digging in to see what we could find although we knew it was a jelly we could not eat! 





October 2020

Autumn Adventures

Over the last couple of weeks the nursery children have been exploring the outside environment. Including climbing trees, swinging on the tree swing, using the large construction equipment to make buses. The superheros have been keeping fit on an obstacle course and practicing their throwing skills. They have been exploring what happens when  mixing different powder paints together. Phew.... they have been so busy. It's time for a rest over the half term holiday!     








Of course, inside has been explored too.   





September 2020

Welcome to our Nursery

It has been wonderful meeting all the children who are joining our nursery class. We have all had a very busy but enjoyable couple of days... walking babies to the park, painting, cutting and sticking.










Due to Covid restrictions only one adult should be bringing the children to school. Many thanks with your understanding of this.  


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