Wellfield Infant and Nursery School

We Inspire and Nurture Success

Our Vision and Values



Our Why

For our children -

Our children have the right to be safe and happy

Our children have the right to be valued and respected as an individual

Our children have the right to develop positive relationships with others

Our children have the right to play

Our children have the right to be included and to have their voice heard

Our children have the right to have full access to a rich and aspirational curriculum


 Our Vision – what we will become in the future

Children’s learning and well being is at the forefront of everything we do

We aspire for all children to :-

Be safe and happy

Be effective communicators

Be included, listened to and respected

Be kind, considerate and respectful to everyone

Be confident, independent learners and work well with others

Be well prepared for their next stage in education

Be successful in all aspects of their life


Our Values – what is important to all of us

We aim for everyone in our school community to embrace these four key values:

  • Care
  • Respect
  • Learn
  • Succeed



This is what our values look like in practice












Keep yourself and others safe

Ask for help

Be kind

Make the right choices

Be responsible for your actions - Make things better when things go wrong

Consider other people’s views and feelings

Care about the world around us

Show respect to everyone

Celebrate our differences

Stand up for what is right

Be a good role model

Include others

Use kind words

Use good manners

Respect others’ ideas and opinions


Always work hard

Be confident to share ideas and opinions

Be independent

Be interested and curious

Be willing to share your ideas

Be an active listener

Get involved

Play your part and support other people

Embrace every opportunity to learn




Believe in yourself

Aim high

Be willing to have a go at new things

Know that you can learn from mistakes

Keep going when things get tricky – don’t give up

Be willing to take risks

Celebrate your achievements and other people’s





No Outsiders - all different, all welcome - Our commitment to Equality, Diversity and Inclusion