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There is no compulsory uniform for children in the Nursery. Some parents prefer their child to wear their own clothes, whilst others like them to wear a uniform like in our other classes. The main thing is to ensure that whatever children wear it is comfortable and appropriate for the weather. Our Nursery curriculum involves the children being indoors or out for most of the day. They need warm clothes and coats with hoods for the colder months and wellingtons can be kept in school so that they can change into them on a rainy day. We also suggest that children wear leggings or joggers that area easy to pull on and off to help them with their toileting. A word of caution - Please do not send your child into school in their best, expensive clothes as they tend to go home covered in mud and paint!







Our school uniform is not gender specific. During the autumn and spring terms the children wear the following uniform items:-


  • Either a white shirt with a navy and yellow school tie* or a white polo shirt
  • A grey pinafore, skirt or trousers
  • A navy with yellow trim school jumper* or cardigan*


During the summer term, blue gingham summer dresses may be worn instead of the items listed above and the pinafore/ skirt or trousers may be replaced with grey shorts.


The children wear black shoes and grey, white or navy socks or tights.


We also recommend the children have a school cap* (shown on the photo above). These are worn on school trips and outdoors in the hot weather.


All items marked with an * asterix above are available at Petites Mode uniform shop (see below)


Physical Education



For PE sessions the children wear a royal blue T Shirt and Navy shorts or grey or navy jogging bottoms. They also wear black pumps.





School Uniform: Link to Petites Mode Online store, guide to how to measure your child for their uniform, Price List and photos of the uniform

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