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Late/Absence Procedures and Leave of absence during term time form

When should my child return to school after illness?

Attendance and Punctuality

Ensuring regular attendance and punctuality are high on our agenda. Last year our whole school attendance was 97% which is excellent and we aim to maintain this high level of attendance this year too.

We have incentives to promote good attendance and punctuality and each half term we have a winning class in each category and also individual pupil awards.

Regular attendance and punctuality is essential for a child’s wellbeing. It enables them to develop their skills, build up friendships, make progress and get the best education possible. Children love routines and consistency and when this is established in their early years at school it lays down firm foundations for future life.

We are in regular contact with families where their child’s attendance has fallen below our threshold or there punctuality has slipped. We offer support to these families as well as actively encourage parents/ carers to approach school if they need guidance and advice in these areas.