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Children’s Mental Health Week, support for families. 

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Mind Support for Families over Christmas

Mental Health & Emotional Wellbeing Support for Families 

Wellbeing Ideas for Children

Sensory Ideas for Supporting Wellbeing 

Trafford Thrive Ideas for Mental Health

Children in Need Campaign for Mental Health

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Mental Health 'Let's Connect' Scavenger Hunt

Support and Advice for families around supporting Children’s Mental Health 

Children's Mental Health Week 2023-Resources for Families 

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Supporting your child’s Mental Health and Emotional Wellbeing 

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BBC Supporting Emotions with Love Monster

Supporting Children and Young People’s Mental Health. 



Trafford Council have commissioned access to free courses for all parents/carers in Trafford. Please see the links below for more information. To access any of the courses online at anytime please enter the code: WATERPARK. You can access as many of the courses that you would like to at anytime of the day/night. There is no maximum number of courses that you can access.

The courses available are listed below:

Understanding your pregnancy, birth, labour and your baby

·         Understanding your baby

·         Understanding your child (0-19+ yrs, main course)

·         Understanding your child with additional needs (0-19+ yrs, main course)

·         Understanding your child’s feelings (taster course)

·         Understanding your child’s brain (short course)

·         ‘Understanding your brain (for teenagers)

·         Understanding your child’s mental health and wellbeing (accompanies UYC and UYCAD)

Parents and Carers Guide to Supporting Children's Emotions and Emotional Wellbeing

Mindfulness Activities for Children 

Fun and Helpful Activities to Help Parents Support Children's Emotional Wellbeing At Home 

Supporting Anxiety in Children 

Fee Online Counselling Services for Families

Barnardo's Support Hub for Parents and Children

Resources and links for parents to support children's Emotional Wellbeing