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September 2021


All the children have been settling in wonderfully. We have been getting to know the routines of Reception class and exploring all the different areas inside and outside. 







 Rocket Mice

5,4,3,2,1 blast off. The children enjoyed making their rocket mice. They loved trying to get the mice to go further into the air each time by changing different things. They came up with some great ideas for this-  squeezing the bottle harder, changing the size of the bottle, holding the bottle in a different place. We carried out a super investigation. It was great fun. 



The children have been building lots of different ramps over the last few weeks. We did an investigation about which ball would roll the furthest distance. We made predictions about this and shared our reasons for these ideas with our friends. We were super scientists.




 Circus Skills

 The children have enjoyed learning about The Circus. They have all been practising their circus skills accompanied by lots of different types of circus music. We even held a small circus performance where we showcased our tricks.




 Forest School

We have all been enjoying exploring in our forest school area over the last few weeks. There is so much fun to be had!









Having fun at school and home


Over this half term we have been doing lots of exciting things. We have been bird watching in our gardens at home and in the school playground. We have found out lots of interesting facts about birds of prey and the different types of owls. During our maths activities we have been talking about matching, looking at pairs of things and measuring lots of different objects. To support us during our time at school and home we have made mindfulness wands and joined in with some mindfulness activities.







Exploring with the magnets


The children have had a great time this week being little elves helping put the presents underneath the christmas tree. They designed their own track and made a little present to move along the track using the magnetic wands. This activity provoked lots of questions from our little ones that led them on to exploring the classroom with the wands.



Charlie's Place

The children have had a fantastic time in Charlie's place today. They have enjoyed exploring the area, dancing on the stage and trying to master the cargo net. They can't wait to go in there again.




The children have recently been enjoying looking at a variety of maps from different places. They have also been drawing their own maps with their friends.




Remembrance Day


The children have been carefully drawing poppies, making poppies in the craft and painting poppies using sponges. We think the children have done an amazing job and it is a wonderful tribute on Remembrance Day. 





Spooky Day

We had lots of spooky fun in our amazing costumes. We danced to spooky music, played spooky corners and had a special spooky treat. We all had a fantastic day.






September 2020

Welcome to Reception everybody!

It has been lovely to meet eveyone this week. All the children have been amazing and they are all starting to settle in, make new friends and join in with all of the activities on offer both inside the classroom and outside. We are all looking forward to getting to know them over the next few weeks. 







Seesaw journals- please access

                 Spring Term

From the top of the climbing frame, we watched blue tits flying in and out of a nesting box in a neighbouring garden. We wanted to find out more about birds...

Sport Relief

Christmas Show 2019 "We Three Kings". We are all so proud of the children, they did a fantastic show for everyone!

Evil Pea paid a visit to Reception...Mwah ha ha ha! Broccoli was frozen in ice and Supertato was tied to the train track....

                               Forest School
We've been creative both inside and out...
Spooky Day was lots of fun. We played "Musical Batues" and "Corners" in the hall.
Last year's experiences and activities...

                    Summer Term 2019

We visited the Lowry art gallery and created our own portraits by drawing, cutting and glueing....



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